Autumn lessons start in October 2015


Just to note that there will be no lessons in September but the Autumn Season of lessons will start in October 2015. Look on the Copcut House and Waverley Cottage pages for details as they emerge in due course.

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  1. Hello,some question,
    Can I book the lesson i if there is lessons in the schedule in Autumn?


  2. Thank you for your e-mail.I see.
    .And sorry..I mistook for the news in 2015!
    And I ‘m not confident I can take the lesson in Skype.. I ‘m not much good at languages..
    So I think to go to England….what a pity..

    Best wishes

  3. Hello Yuka. Karen is happy to give lessons using Skype so yes, you can take her lessons from Japan at any mutually convenient time. And Karen will be visiting Worcester during October 2016. She has not yet arranged the dates, so it is not possible to know if she would be here during the days you mention.

    Read the “Skype lessons” page on this website!

    Good luck I am sure you would enjoy lessons with Karen.

    Best wishes


  4. Hello,
    My name is Yuka Abe,
    I play the accordion in Japan.
    I like so Karen Tweed’s accordion,and found this page.
    Can I take her lesson from Japan?
    I would like to take Ms Tweed’s lesson as individual,several times.

    Now I read this news,I can call on Worcester from October 1 to Octover5.
    When wouild convenient for her?

    Best regards,
    Yuka Abe


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